ProBot Commands

Are you new to ProBot and want to know about all the commands and their usage? You've come to the right place!

All Commands

credits - Show your or somebody else's balance.
rep - Award someone a reputation point. Can only be used once every 24 hours.
moveme - Moves you to another voice channel.
color - Change your color on the server.
colors - Lists you all the available colors.
short - Shortens a URL.
roll - rolling dice.
profile - View your or someone else's customizable personal global profile card.
rank - View your rank card or someone else's in the server.
top - Display the top members by text or voice.
title - Changes your profile title.
setxp - Sets the user's xp
setlevel - Sets the user's level
user - Shows information, such as ID and join date, about yourself or a user.
avatar - Get a user's avatar.
server - Shows information about the server
roles - Get a list of server roles and member counts.
setnick - Changes the nickname of a member.
ban - Bans a member.
unban - Unbans a member.
kick - Kicks a member.
vkick - Kicks a member from a voice channel
mute text - Mute a member so they can't type in text channels.
unmute text - Unmutes a member.
mute voice - Mute a member so they can't speak in voice channels.
unmute voice - Unmutes a member from voice channels.
timeout - Timeouts a member.
untimeout - Removes a timeout from a member.
clear - Cleans up channel messages.
move - Moves a member to another voice channel.
role - Add/remove role(s) for a member.
points - A server based points that can be given by moderators.
warn - Warns a member.
warn_remove - Remove warnings for the server or user.
warnings - Get the list of warnings for the server or a user.
lock - Disables @everyone from sending messages in specific channel.
unlock - Allows @everyone to send messages in specific channel.
setcolor - Changes role's color by hex codes.
slowmode - Enable or disable slowmode on a channel.
reset - Reset text/voice/invites xp points for all or specific members.
vip - Shows information about your premium bot.